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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, where possible,  is to ethically source the freshest, highest quality products grown without chemicals.  So welcome to our exclusive range of farm sourced Sicilian olives and Italian antipasti enriched with our home grown herbs and garlic marinades, all complemented by organic extra virgin olive oil.

Recycling Policy

Our Metal tins:

We are pleased to be involved with the Tools With A Mission project (TWAM). TWAM started 29 years ago sending tools across the world to enable people to earn a living and to suppoort themselves through self sufficiency. TWAM collect and refurbish tools and equipment no longer required in the UK and sending them overseas. For more information on this project please visit their website:

Our Oils:

Any waste oil is sent to our local cash and carry (Bookers) to be cleaned and processed, it is then used to run the delivery vans.

Our Glass:

Any glass jars we have spare are collected for use within the Womens Institute.

Our Cardboard and Plastics:

These are separated and sent to a local collection point for recycling.