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Our Olives

Alcamo, Wester SicilyWe pride ourselves on establishing relationships with other small producers like ourselves. The provenance (and traceability) against all our products is very important to us, to ensure the quality of everything we sell and make us stand out from the crowd.

We source many of our olives directly from a regional producer, with farms in Western Sicily. This picture was taken during the harvest season where olives are picked by hand to prevent bruising. Our partners devote themselves to the cultivation of table olive "Nocellara del Belice" produced with passion and experience.

We also import olives and antipasti from central Italy, where traditional family recipes for seasoning artichoke, garlic and mushroom are still used.

Crete and Greece completes the picture to guarantee you a taste experience to remember and bring the exciting flavours of the Mediterranean to your table.

Our Herbs

Here is our wonderful herb Potager garden:

We started our herb garden in 2010 and dress many of our olives with marinades we lovingly prepare using fresh, seasonal herbs and garlic from our Potager, grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals.

Where possible we grow the herbs we use during the summer and dry any surplus for use during the winter.

Our dressings reflect our own personal tastes and change throughout the year to reflect the inspiration gained from some of our travels in Sicily, France, Italy and Spain. We hope you like them!


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